“Marian is a very skilled and sensitive guide. I could really sense through my physical body and thought processes that, as the treatment progressed, I began to feel lighter and a lot more focused – such was the depth of the cleansing and healing I received.”

— Ellie Blair, Kindred Spirit Magazine

“I recently experienced a profound healing session with Marian which involved the deep and unconscious use of symbols. I literally came out of the session feeling like a different person.”

— J. Jackman, Transformational Mentor

“I believe that this is an innovative, simple, fast and easy healing technique that can heal mind, body and spirit. It should become very popular.”

— Kim Alexis, Hypnotherapist and Psychic

“Marian is real soul therapy. Her loving and dedicated gifts have helped me at many points in my life and whatever place I find myself, Marian’s help and therapy provide me with a haven to flourish and be me.”

— Lorraine, Client

“With Marian’s help using the Infusion Techniques, I was able to remove the anxiety I had previously experienced and gained a wonderful sense of inner peace.”

— Donna, Client

“Using Marian’s techniques has made such a wonderful difference to both my family and myself. I highly recommend the Infusion Techniques.”

— Sue, Client

‘The energy and symbol techniques Marian uses creates clarity, calm being and upliftment. I highly recommend Marian to anyone wanting to find clarity of mind.’

— Junelle, Client

“I can honestly say that I have made more progress with Marian’s help than in over a decade of highly specialised treatment with the NHS. Her Infusion Techniques have provided me with a ‘tool box’, equipping me with the ability to better manage my medical conditions and life in general.”

— Lisa, Client

“As a result of working with Marian’s Infusion Techniques, I have experienced growth on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. These techniques have changed my whole life and I can’t imagine not using them.”

— Agata, Client

“As a mother of two, Marian’s Infusion Techniques have not only helped me in my day-to-day but have had a positive effect on my children who have benefited from a more considered, calmer and reflective mother.”

— Cat, Client